Bianchini Bullies

New Litter Coming 2023

Previous Litter - Dec 2022

This litter was ABKC Registered. The parents for the current littler are Sudoku, a male from …, and Nahla from ….

About Us

Why are we breeders

Bianchini Bullies is a Texas based American Bully XL breeder. We strive to provide our dogs the best life possible. All of our dogs hold a special place in our family. We provide premium diets for each of our dogs by feeding them raw, cooked, and top of the line kibble. The dogs also are given vitamins daily for coat, skin, and joint health. This creates a happy and healthy puppy for our customers! We want to be the BEST at what we do and provide next level customer service for our customers.

In October 2020, Nick and I decided to invest in a bully as a family dog, nothing more. We received her in January 2021 from No Love Bullies. She was loved by so many that everyone begged us to breed her, so we looked into it and made the decision to move forward to breeding bullies. We knew that if we were going to do this we would give it 110%, and that’s what we continue to do today. We moved our residence in order to have more room for our dogs to run, grow, and have the best life possible. These dogs have changed our lives and are now our main focus as well as a full time job. These companions provide us with so much joy.

We only want the best for our dogs so we are careful to place the puppies in the best homes. To inquire about our puppies, please fill out our questionnaire.


These dogs are referred to as gentle giants because that’s exactly what they are! American Bully XL’s are beautiful specimens that we raise to be family dogs that are loving, caring, obedient, smart, and loyal. We choose to produce quality not quantity.

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